Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive access to your service?
Immediately after you have paid you will be redirected to our members’ area. With in two hours you will get notified by email and you will see your “Services” as “Active”. This will tell you that you’re ready to go. We will give you instructions in the members’ are on how to use on particular devices. If you are not directed there after payment, e-mail us at Support(at) and we will assign you your login.

Are there any additional costs or recurring payments?
No, You only pay the subscription fee and that is all you will ever be charged. We offer a 14-day refund if you are not happy. There are no additional costs or contracts with our service.

How long has your company been in business? has been in business since early 2006. We are the pioneers of online tv and in our 15 years of service have perfected our service.

How do I watch the TV on my home big screen TV
If you currently have a Smart TV then this will be very simple. We will provide a free app to download so you can view on your big screen TV. If you don’t have a Smart TV but do have an HDMI connection on your TV, we will suggest to get the Amazon Fire Stick. This will turn your TV into a Smart TV which then you can use the app we provide.

What type of sports can I watch?
You will be able to watch daily: soccer, cricket, rugby, pro basketball, pro football, pro baseball, pro hockey, auto racing, tennis, horse racing and much much more.

Are the TV channels available 24/7?
Yes, this is no different than cable or satellite service. All of the major networks will be 24/7.


What makes this online TV program different then the other online TV programs?
First, our costs are some of the lowest around. You get twice the channels and programming for 1/2 the price. We were one of the first online TV services and have many years of dedication to our members. Finally, we are so confident in our service, we offer a free trial and money-back guarantee.

Am I going to be using illegal torrent sites or illegal software
Absolutely Not! Many online TV programs will have you use illegal torrents to access illegal TV channels. We always use legal 3rd-party online resources and content providers to supply the TV channels. We always respect the copyright holders to not provide TV channels that are not approved.

How many channels are included in the package?
Our service package comes with over 9,000 TV channels from all over the world including local, regional and international broadcasts. And when we say 9,000 channels, we mean it, unlike others.

You list some channels on the your list of channels, Are there any more?
The channel list we show on is a SMALL SAMPLE of what is provided. You will see many popular channels from all over the world. We have many more that are not on the list we provide with this program.

What software do I use to watch the Channels ?
We use a few different apps that we will provide to you for free. That app you will use will depend on which device your will be using to view the TV channels.

What is the quality of the picture?
All of the channels will be in at least HD. You will also see some channels in 4k as well as even 8K.


What if I am not happy with your service or it does not work on my computer, phone, etc…?
We offer a 14-day money back guarantee for ANY REASON. Whether you are unhappy with our service or if you find it is not working on your computer simply contact us and we will refund ALL of your subscription fee. We do offer a free trial and do suggest to try it to see if you like it before purchasing.


How can I get in touch with you if I have more questions about the program or my membership when I join?
You can write to us at

Support(at) or DirectPctv(at)

You can also use our contact form


Comparison in Service Providers

Cable TV


Per Month

400 TV Channels
Premium Sports Extra
Equipment Needed
Wait for Installation
Impossible Support
Contract Required

Our Service

$10 to $15

Per Month

9,000 TV Channels
Premium Sports Included
No Equipment Needed
No Installation Required
24/7 Free Support
No Contracts

Satellite TV


Per Month

400 TV Channels
Premium Sports Extra
Equipment Needed
Wait for Installation
Impossible Support
Contract Required

Cost are estimates based on averages from several different providers.