Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive access to your service?
Immediately after you have paid you will be redirected to our Web site members’ area. It has all the information you need. Simply copy your username and password and access the site at your leisure. If you are not directed there after payment, e-mail us at and we will assign you your login.

Are there any additional costs or recurring payments?
No, You only pay a one-time fee and that is all you will ever be charged. No monthly or yearly fees. We offer a 30-day refund on initial $39.95 fee. There are no additional costs or monthly subscription payments. Also we will not to try to sell you additional stuff or upgrades once you are a member.

How long has your company been in business? has been in business since early 2005. We are the pioneers of online tv and in our 10 years of service have perfected our service.

How do I watch the TV and can I view in full screen?
Channels will open conveniently using Adobe Flash, and some other common viewing media players. See our answer on Software a little further down on this page. You will be able to view all the TV channels on your computer or laptop in full screen. Many of the channel viewers we provide will have a button to allow you to view in full screen, and if not we will give you details on how to do this.

The simple way to determine whether you will be able to watch our programming is if you can view an online video such as through YouTube, you will be able to view our TV channels through our programming.

What type of sports can I watch?
We have a special LIVE! SPORTS section in our members’ area to allow you to view live sports from all over the world. You will be able to watch daily: soccer, cricket, rugby, pro basketball, pro football, pro baseball and pro hockey.

Are there lots of sports matches for me to view?
Yes, hundreds of events in all different levels and categories are shown every single week.

Are the TV channels and radio station available 24/7?
Not all the channels we provide are available 24/7. Sometimes some channels will go off the air for a brief time. However, with 9,000 channels to choose from you will find there are more than enough channels available at any given time.

Is legal?
Yes, absolutely! You are granted access to open legal 3rd-party broadcasts which is not illegal. We simply use our technology to captured all of the Internet TV and radio stations broadcast publicly through these gateways and have placed them into special online direct viewers for your access. If any of the broadcast are found to be illegal we will remove them and find a legal broadcast. We don’t broadcast any of the TV channels directly but our service is to find legal broadcasts for your viewing and save you the time of doing this yourself.

What do I get for the membership I pay?
As soon as your payment has been processed, you will instantly receive our full service package provided in our Members’ area. You will get everything you need to watch TV on your desktop pc, laptop, Smartphone, or tablet. You will not be required to spend any additional money once a member. Just follow the program and service directions provided in the members’ area to start viewing right away.

How many channels are included in the package?
Our service package comes with over 9,000 channels from all over the world including local, regional and international broadcasts. And when we say 9,000 channels, we mean it, unlike others.

You list some channels on the your home page list of channels, Are there any more?
The channel list we show on is a SMALL SAMPLE of what is provided. You will see many popular channels from all over the world. We have many more that are not on the list we provide with this program, not to mention all of the movie downloads and sporting events provided that are not on the list.

The only problem with our service is that we will not be able to list or locate channels for you. With this many channels I think you would understand why we cannot list all the channels provided.

What software do I use to watch the streams ?
Most of the channels will broadcast via Adobe Flash player through provided media players.  If you currently don’t have Adobe Flash Player we provide all the applications to download from our Members area for FREE! Our service can be accessed from any PC, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet in the world as long as you have an Internet connection.

You can also use other 3rd-party apps for flash such as for IOS/iPad users.

What is the quality of the picture?
The quality of the picture will be determined primarily by the quality of your computer’s graphics card (most important), monitor (computer screen), available hard disk space and amount of memory. Your Internet connection can have some effect depending on your ISP (Internet Service Provider) but this is not usually a problem.

If your computer has a decent graphics card and meets the requirements we listed above then you should not have any issues with viewing quality. We do offer HD (High Definition) tv channels if your monitor and graphics card supports HD.

Can I watch this on my Big Screen TV?
The broadcast will be sent through the Internet to your PC,  laptop or tablet. You can transfer the signal to your big screen TV set if you choose. To do this will require a special cable to run from your PC or laptop to your TV. More current computer or laptop graphic cards will allow you to simply use a standard S-Video cable plug or for optimal performance HDMI cable plug from your computer to your TV.

Most modern computers, laptops and TVs will have an HDMI input/output slot. If both do have HDMI slot it is as simply as hooking an HDMI to both and you are ready to go!

If you have a Smart TV  or any other device with browser ability (allowing to connect to the Web) then this will work well to connect signal to your big screen TV.

Are future updates available?
Of course! This is what sets our service apart from all the rest. You don’t just get an outdated software program, you get always updated channel viewers, additional channels, etc. You will see we update our site often, and more channels are being added weekly directly in the Members’ area.

What if I am not happy with your service or it does not work on my computer?
We offer a 30-day money back guarantee for ANY REASON. Whether you are unhappy with our service or if you find it is not working on your computer simply contact us and we will refund ALL of your initial member’s fee. We will not try to sell you on another program or give you any hassle.

How can I get in touch with you if I have more questions about the program or my membership when I join?
You can write to us at or

Comparison in Service Providers

Cable Service
$99.95/ per month
220 TV Channels
Equipment Needed
Wait for Install
Impossible Support
* Subscription
Our Service
$39.95/ ONE-TIME
9,000 TV Channels
No Equipment
Instant Access
Free Support
No Subscription
Satellite TV
$136.99/ per month
285 TV Channels
Equipment Needed
Wait for Install
Impossible Support
* Subscription

Cost are estimates based on averages from several different providers.

* Most cable and satellite providers require an initial subscription to get discounted prices

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tv-on-pc-gold-check9,000 TV Channels

tv-on-pc-gold-checkPopular TV Networks

tv-on-pc-gold-checkLIVE! Sports

tv-on-pc-gold-checkV.O.D. Movies & TV Shows

tv-on-pc-gold-checkAvailable Wordwide

tv-on-pc-gold-checkMany HD Channels Available

tv-on-pc-gold-checkWatch in Full Screen

tv-on-pc-gold-checkView on any Device

tv-on-pc-gold-checkConnect to Big Screen TV

tv-on-pc-gold-checkAutomated Channel Updates

tv-on-pc-gold-checkNo Software Needed

tv-on-pc-gold-checkConnection Through Internet

tv-on-pc-gold-checkEasy-to-Use Service

tv-on-pc-gold-checkOne-Time Fee

tv-on-pc-gold-checkNo Hidden Costs

tv-on-pc-gold-checkLifetime Membership

tv-on-pc-gold-checkFree Technical Support

tv-on-pc-gold-checkThousands of Radio Stations

tv-on-pc-gold-checkOver $100 in Bonuses

tv-on-pc-gold-check100% 30-Day Guarantee

What Makes Our Service Different From The Rest!


Q – You may be asking yourself why should I pay for this service?

A – You can find many free TV channels on the Internet today. The problem is about 90% of the time the channels you more than likely want to watch are not working. If your lucky to find the TV channel be prepared for viruses, adware, and spyware effecting your computer. Many of the free TV sites will use malware to infect your computer, get your personal information, etc. Is it worth the chance?

Our service will provide a 98% up time on all the popular TV channels. We scan these channels to assure there is no spyware, adware, viruses or anything that can cause you harm.

Q – What makes this online TV program different then the other paid online TV programs?

A – First, we provide our service 100% online. You login and you view the TV channels of your choice. We update the channels on a daily basis. Most of the other paid TV programs will give you an outdated software download that hasn’t been updated in five years. You will see that almost all of the popular TV channels don’t work. We have seen in many cases none of the TV channels worked and there was no refund guarantee.

Also our program is offered at one of the lowest prices on the Internet. One-time price, no hidden fees, and no subscriptions.

You will see many other paid online TV programs charging double the price for half of the channels we provide. Also many don’t offer any kind of money-back guarantee. WE DO!

Q – Am I going to be using illegal torrent sites or illegal software

A – Absolutely Not! Many online TV programs will have you use illegal torrents to access illegal TV channels. We don’t broadcast the TV channels directly and always use legal 3rd-party online resources to provide the TV channels. We always respect the copyright holders to not provide TV channels that are not approved.

Have more questions? Visit our FAQ page to see more frequently asked questions.



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